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The basis of all good physiotherapy treatments is the initial assessment, that is why at the clinic all initial assessments last for an hour so that the patient can be accurately assessed and provided with an appropriate treatment plan.
Follow up sessions take 30 minutes and are arranged as the treatment plan dictates.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy has a long history within the profession of physical therapy and physical therapists have greatly contributed to the current diversity in manual therapy approaches and techniques. Mechanical explanations were historically used to explain the mechanisms by which manual therapy interventions worked. Contemporary research reveals intricate neurophysiologic mechanisms are also at play and the beneficial psychological effects of providing hands-on examination and intervention have been substantiated


Acupuncture is one of many techniques used within Physiotherapy for the management of pain, soft tissue injuries and as a means of enhancing the body’s own healing chemicals to aid recovery and enhance rehabilitation. It is believed that acupuncture enhances pain modulation via stimulation of the brain and spinal cord to produce natural pain relieving chemicals, such as endorphins, melatonin to promote sleep and serotonin to promote wellbeing. These chemicals assist the body’s healing process, and can be used as a precursor to other physiotherapy techniques.

Exercise prescription

Physical activity prescription is an under-utilised tool for improving community health.In the right dose, physical activity can help to prevent, treat, and manage a range of chronic health conditions that increasingly impact the quality of life and physical function of individuals on a global scale.

Biomechanical assessment

A biomechanical assessment is a detailed assessment of an individual’s walking or running style. It is required when pain is felt in the lower limbs during walking or running. The physiotherapist will look at the position of the hips, legs, knees and feet in standing and how they move when walking or running.


Shockwave therapy (or to give it the full title Extra-Corporeal Shockwave Therapy) is a clinically proven treatment which can be used in the treatment of previously difficult to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles and patella tendinopathies. This treatment is also combined with appropriate rehabilitation exercises to progress the condition further and facilitate a return to activity. I have been using Shockwave therapy for over 8 years now, so am experienced in it’s appropriate application and uses.

Gait analysis

Gait analysis is particularly appropriate for athletes/runners who are recurrently injured. Usually the reasons for becoming injured are due to poor running technique resulting in undue stresses and strains being put on the body, which with the repetitive nature of running results in injury. The session consists of a video analysis of the client running on the treadmill, which is then downloaded onto the computer. Using a special software program, the video can be analysed to highlight any particular technical faults that the client may have. The second part of the session consists of providing the client with appropriate drills and exercises to help overcome these technical issues that they may have.

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I am a very ’hands on’ practical physiotherapist with particular emphasis given to working with the client to enable long term management of their particular problem. I don’t believe in,( as seems to be the current trend )in just handing out exercise sheets as the only form of treatment!.

Stages of Consultation

I always like to have an initial consultation with patients to ensure that the treatments that have been recommended are suitable to the patient. it also provides an ideal chance to get a full understanding of your circumstances to ensure I am able to treat you in the best way possible.

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Have you been advised to seek help from a Physiotherapist?

whether you have been given medical advise to see a physiotherapist or you simply are suffering due to a previous accident we are here ready to help!

Patient Reviews

Read what a few of our previous patients have had to say about our treatment

I have been suffering with a bad shoulder since injuring it dancing years ago. Multiple physiotherapists and doctors were unable to diagnose the issue and as a result, I felt deflated and concerned that I would be left with the pain for the foreseeable future. I was introduced to Martin after having an Arthrogram which failed to reveal any problem with my shoulder. After just one appointment and a couple of new exercises, the pain had reduced and I began to regain strength in my shoulder again. Martin is not only very knowledgeable but also caring and hugely focused on improving the lives of his patients.

Lorna Bacon Google Review

I’ve seen Martin twice over the last few years for necks and back problems. He’s very knowledgeable and has always managed to solve my problems. Would highly recommend.

Aquachill Water Coolers Ltd Google Review

Excellent physio, fantastic job, would highly recommend 100%

g d Google Review