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Physiotherapy Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q: I have private health insurance, are you able to claim you fees directly from my health insurer’s for my treatments with you? 

A: Yes I am registered with all of the major health insurance companies as an approved practitioner, but you should contact them first to get approval for your physiotherapy sessions here.

Q: What should I wear when I attend for physiotherapy treatments? 

A: I like to have to have a full examination of the affected area of the body, so if it is a knee condition then wearing shorts or loose fitting tracksuit bottoms would be appropriate, or if it is a back or neck problem then clothing that is loose would be appropriate.​

Q: What are your current fees? 

A: The initial assessment which takes an hour, costs £40, any subsequent treatments (which take 30 minutes) cost £35. Shockwave therapy is £45 per session. Gait analysis with Video analysis and Functional movement assessment will cost £50 (1 hour session). Payment can be made by cash or cheque made payable to “Northridge Way Physiotherapy Clinic”. Payment by BACS is also acceptable, details of this can be made on request.​

Q: Is it alright to be accompanied during my treatment sessions? 

A: Yes, you are welcome to be accompanied during treatment.​

Q: I was involved in a road traffic accident and I have been advised by my solicitor to have physiotherapy treatment for my injuries, are you able to accept payment from my solicitor directly?​ 

A: Yes, I can accept payment directly from your solicitor, although I do require written confirmation from him that he is willing to pay for the treatment, and also to confirm how many treatments that they will pay for.​